We have recently re-launched our Sponsor Communications Program which is designed to
increase your chances of keeping your sponsors for future years.

Joe Screen - Speedway Rider
Proud to be associated with Doyle Sports

How Does It Work ?
You send us an overview of your activities / exposure for that sponsor for the month just gone. From that information we write a newsletter addressed personally to each individual sponsor on your behalf and send that, along with as many publicity shots, newspaper cuttings etc. which you can provide, in our glossy folder or your own if available. Past clients for this service have been World Speedway Champions Hans Nielsen and Ivan Mauger plus the late Simon Wigg.


How Much Does It Cost ?
This depends greatly on the amount of work involved and the number of sponsors but to give you an idea a monthly newsletter to say 10 sponsors will cost around £150 + VAT.


How Do We Go About It ?
Firstly we need to meet briefly for an initial discussion to assess the amount of work involved. This can be at your UK address, at a track by prior arrangement or we have a representative in the pits every week at Belle Vue.

NOW IS THE TIME to be planning how you are going to keep those sponsors for next year and we hope to be working with you towards that aim in the near future.